Solutions for attack vectors and vulnerabilities


Cyber Security

The rapid rise of connectivity has created new business opportunities, revenue streams and data rich information. It has simultaneously created threats. Expanding system attack surface vectors not previously considered or prepared for by organisations.

Malware, hacks, distributed denial of service attacks and State based threats have risen rapidly as has the capability of those perpetrating these system attacks. The bounty, if successful is data, intellectual property, financial data and information that identifies individuals and all the sensitivity that entails. 

The promise of Blockchain? Assistance with the creation, storage and the permissioned dissemination of immutable data. The ability to authorise, track and trace data. A better system for Digital ID, multi factor authentication and shared, congruent ledgers. The development of consensus mechanisms that pre-emptively better identify data tampering or access intrusions.

Emergent technology that overlays existing network cyber security control frameworks, best practice and procedures. Eliminating single points of failure and centralised network deficiencies. 

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An ecosystem


With opportunities come threats. The development of the web has enabled malicious actors.The development of web 3.0 will enable greater anonymised communication and data sharing. Allowing business to share real time attack information and crowd source protections.



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