Re-imagining education and credentials

Education Providers

Education as a service.

There are forces altering fundamentally what it is to be an education service provider. The shifting demands of those embarking on studies include –

  • The need to maintain qualifications.
  • The expectations of employers and employees to up skill in real time.
  • The unexpected need to re-skill and re-tool.
  • The ability to commit to being a lifetime learner.

The application of Blockchain and DLT technology in the education sector is driving re-consideration of credentials and micro credentials. The ability to transfer, transact in and verify those credentials in real time, at a low marginal cost.

Traditional service delivery channels (in real life) and remote learning provide a plethora of technology opportunities for organisations that seek to distinguish themselves. Local reputation now readily transfers internationally.  Value delivery into students and stakeholders will increasingly determine success.

The student experience will be a by-product of these technology integrations. Identity management, real time reporting and access to information, resource pooling and permissioned networks.

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Further reading? A list of curated resources to assist you in better understanding this Blockchain ecosystem segment.
An ecosystem


A brave new world in education. Fluid course curriculums, creating centres of adaptive and agile learning. Blockchain technology will allow institutions to re-imagine training delivery and the monitoring and measurement of educational outcomes.



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