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Financial Services

Blockchain changes everything.

Bitcoin has forced questions to be asked about money. How it works, who it works for and what it looks like in a world where borders are fluid and data packets represent value.

The hype cycle has passed. Governments are rightfully concerned and interested in the implications. They’re also aware that payments have changed forever.

  • Digital fiat currencies
  • Libra & stable coins
  • FATF and the AML/CTF challenge
  • The lightning network and new payment rails
  • Decentralised finance

The financial services sector is facing the challenge. With central banks across the world co-ordinating their responses to address the risks associated with reserve global currencies being circumvented by private money networks.

What next?


Further reading? A list of curated resources to assist you in better understanding this Blockchain ecosystem segment.

J.P Morgan – Digital Coin for Payments

Coinbase – A beginners guide to Decentralized finance

Facebook – Welcome to Libra

Satoshi Nakamoto – The Bitcoin White Paper

FATF – Virtual currencies: Key definitions potential AML/CTF risks

An ecosystem


A revolution is coming. Reshaping the way businesses transact. Disrupting payment providers and merchant services. The real time delivery of both payment and information will allow incumbents and disruptors alike to connect need to opportunity.



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